About Me

I am a Freelance Software Developer and Infrastructure Specialist.

I can help you to continuously deliver software to the cloud or on-premise, using test-first methodologies. With my experience from the transition of on-premise datacenters to cloud based solutions I can help you to migrate existing products and services to the cloud, or back.

My operational background helps me to develop systems that are easy to operate, monitor and debug. I strongly believe in test driven development, both for software and infrastructure code.

I enjoy diving into existing systems and to stabilize and overhaul the software, or it’s infrastructure.


Java (Spring Boot, Dropwizard), Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, Go, Typescript


Linux, Ansible, Salt, Terraform, git, subversion, HiveMQ, VerneMQ, Helm, Consul, Vault, Nomad, Docker, Vagrant, Kibana, Grafana, ELK, GoCD, Jenkins, Gitlab, Github Actions, Concourse, PostgreSQL, Mysql, MariaDB, Keycloak

Networking & Protocols

TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, CanOpen, MQTT, Cisco, TLS, OpenVPN, IpSec, Nagios/Zabbix/OpenNMS


AWS, Azure, Hetzner, GCP


Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery/Integration, Pair Programming, Kanban, Model Driven Development, UML, SCRUM, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, Clean Code

Project History

Cloud migration AWS to Azure

  • Initial assessment and technical workshops for cloud migration requirements and planing
  • Planing and implementation of cloud-agnostic Kubernetes cloud platform components
  • Technology workshops and knowledge transfer for Kubernetes and helm
  • Evaluation and introduction of infrastructure tests
  • Assessment and advisory for IDM solutions
  • Live migration of VerneMQ MQTT broker cluster

Maintenance and operation of IoT Platform for Connected Machines

  • Feature development and day-to-day platform operations including on-call duties
  • Drive technical evolution of the IoT platform
  • Ensure technical alignment with internal and external parties
  • Mentoring and development of graduates
  • Evaluation of new technologies
  • Technical integration into the company IT landscape
  • Ensure and oversee secure and stable operations

Implement Keycloak IDM solution

  • Replace custom built IDM with Keycloak}
  • Extend Keycloak with custom Salesforce backed user provider}
  • Implement production ready deployment and monitoring}
  • Periodic security assessment and threat modelling}
  • React and resolve production incidents}

Rollout Infrastructure for Covid19 Portal (non-EU)

  • Evaluation of hosting provider
  • Implementation of Ansible roles
  • Disaster recovery and security firedrills
  • Documentation and handover of operations

Extending billing platform and SAP integration

  • Overhaul billing process for Cloud products
  • Replace manual billing process with automated SAP data export
  • Load testing and sizing evaluation
  • Implement and extend monitoring for billing process KPIs
  • Migration of billing data from TimescaleDB to Elasticsearch
  • Stabilization of data retrival and report generation

Building a custom Multi-Cloud Frontend for OpenStack and Kubernetes

  • Story refinement with Stakeholders
  • Evaluation of technical solutions
  • Feature development
  • Code reviews
  • Level 3 operational support and bugfixing
  • Build and test process optimizations

Let’s work together

If you are looking for a Freelance Software Developer or Infrastructure specialist, give me a call or write me an E-Mail.